Lab News

October 2016

Anne's manuscript (and our labs' first genome) has been accepted for publication at BMC Genomics. Look for it soon, and congratulations to Anne (and thanks to our collaborators from Texas Tech University), it was a monster of a manuscript to get out there!

AA Andere, RN Platt II, DA Ray, CJ Picard. (2016)"Genome Sequence of Phormia regina Meigen (Diptera: Calliphoridae): Implications for medical, veterinary and forensic reserach." BMC Genomics, 17: 842.


September 2016

International Congress of Entomology/Entomological Society of America/North American Forensic Entomology Association


August 2016

The updates have been slow, but we have have a new MS student who has joined the Picard lab. Sarah Lewis, a graduate of our Forensic & Investigative Sciences Program here at IUPUI started in the fall on her Masters in Forensic Science. Sarah's project is that she is looking at candidate developmentally regulated genes in our Cochliomyia macellaria genomes. Welcome Sarah!

December 2015

They say it takes a village to raise a child, well, it certainly took a village to attempt a bioinformatics research project with Freshman Biology students (all 63 of them). But we did it, not without the enormous efforts on behalf of the instructors (Drs. Chism, Marrs and Vaughan), the TAs (Pallbi Roy and Yeka Ononye) and of course, our very own Anne Andere who really championed this "research" project. Overall, we had success, with multiple students (~8) possibly have identified a genetic sex marker in Phormia regina. My hope is that those students will spend some time in the spring semester working in my lab to fully validate these (right now it is an N = 1). What a great job by these freshman students! Here are just a few pictures from their poster session:


September 2015

Last night we had a presentation and reception honoring Gina Dembinski (PhD, 2013-) as she received her prestigious J. Edgar Hoover Scientific Scholarship award ($25,000). William Branon (Chairman of the Board and Director of the J. Edgar Hoover Scholarship Foundation) as well as IUPUI and School of Science administrators were on board to celebrate her achievements. It was an evening of pride all around.

Left to right: John Goodpaster (FIS Program Director), Simon Rhodes (School of Science Dean), Gina Dembinski, Kathy Johnson (Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer), and William Branon. Photo: Charity Owings

Left to right: Duane Dembinski (Gina's father), Gina, Olga Dembinski (Gina's mother) and William Branon. Photo: Charity Owings

Though it does not look like it, I am beaming with pride on the inside! Photo: Charity Owings

June 2015

The Picard & Walsh Labs ( were awarded a Department of Defense U.S. Army Equipment grant to purchase our very own Illumina MiSeq instrument. The instrument will be useful for improving DNA phenotyping.

June 2015

Welcome Anne Ullyot (Park Tudor High School) to a summer of stinky volunteer work in the lab!

June 2015

Anne Andere and Charity Owings have both passed their PhD qualifying exams and are now officially PhD candidates. CONGRATS!!!!

June 2015

The Picard Lab's summer roster is filling up nicely with the new additions:

Thalles Souza Lopes joining us for the summer (working on Chrysomya rufifacies genome annotation) from University Center of Belo Horizonte (UniBH) in Belo Horizonite in Brazil.

Grace LeFevre joining us for the summer as a Project SEED student, currently home-schooled in Indianapolis. She will be working on the annotation of development genes in Cochliomyia macellaria.


May 2015

Gina Dembinski is awarded the prestigious J. Edgar Hoover Foundation Scientific Scholarship! CONGRATS!!!!

March 2015

The Picard Lab goes Global with a new publication in JME based on Egyptian Chrysomya population geentics. Nice work Abeer!

March 2015

The Picard Lab represents at the Indiana Academy of Sciences Annual Conference in Indianapolis, IN - all 4 with posters.


February 2015

John Whale successfully defends his MS thesis. Congrats John!

November 2014

Anne and Charity attend the Annual Entomological Society of America meeting, in Portland, Oregon.

November 2014

Anne attends the 12th annual Ecological Genomics Symposium hosted by Kansas State University in Kansas City, Mo. and presented a poster entitled "Genetic variation in developmental time studied on the genomic sequences of three geographically distinct populations of the blow fly Cochliomyia macellaria (Diptera: Calliphoridae)."


October 2014

Kelsie Faulds's (former undergraduate and research associate - now a PhD student at University of Colorado Denver) first first author publication comes out! Congrats Kelsie!





September 2014

Gina attends the 25th Annual International Symposium on Human Identification in Pheonix, AZ. She presented a poster entitled "DNA Phenotyping: Predicting pigmentation traits in a United States population".



August 2014

Look who was spied in the lab working....

July 2014

Anne, Charity and Christine traveled to St.Petersberg, FL for the annual NAFEA meeting. All three gave presentations! It was a good and busy meeting.

Kevin Smolar successfully defended his MS Thesis in Forensic Science and is off to begin his career as a quality control specialist with his favorite brewery in Indianapolis! Congrats Kevin.

Anne Andere successfully defended her MS Thesis in Biology, and is gearing up to start her PhD in the Picard Lab! Congrats Anne!

Lisa Beach successfully defends her MS Thesis in Forensic Science and with that she continues her career as a Forensic Biologist with the Indiana State Police! Congrats Lisa!


June 2014

Christine Picard (along with 5 other U.S.A. colleagues) traveled to China for 2 weeks giving presentations on lab research.


May 2014

Charity Owings (MS, Texas A&M University) arrives in the lab to start her PhD. Welcome Charity!

February 2014

Kevin Smolar gave an oral presentation at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) in Seattle, WA.

June 2013

Abeer Mohsen (visiting PhD scientist) arrives to begin two years as a research scientist in the Picard lab. Welcome Abeer!

Anne Andere (MS student) & John Whale (MS student) both received funds to travel to the NAFEA 2013 meeting in Dayton, OH from the School of Science Graduate Student Committee! Congrats Anne and John!

Gina Dembinski (MS student) successfully defends her Masters thesis to a packed room! Congrats Gina!

May 2013

Anne Andere (MS student) is presenting her research on the assembly of the Phormia regina genome at NAFEA 2013 in Dayton, OH. Congrats Anne!

April 2013

Gina Dembinski (soon-to-be PhD student) receives the prestigious University Fellowship from IUPUI to 'buy' her out of teaching for the first year of her PhD! Congrats Gina!

February 2013

Gina Dembinski (MS student) wins a travel award to attend the 2013 American Academy of Forensic Scientist (AAFS) annual meeting in Washington, DC from the Forensic Science Foundation. Congrats Gina!

January 2013

John Whale (MS student) arrives to begin his research in the Picard Lab. Welcome John!

September 2012

Gina Dembinski (MS) has her abstract accepted to present her MS research at the annual 2013 AAFS meeting in Washington, DC. Congrats Gina!

August 2012

Anne Andere and Kevin Smolar begin as a MS students in the Picard Lab. Welcome Anne and Kevin!


May 2012

Megan Carter graduates with her MSFS! Congrats Megan.